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Poor sleep is everywhere


of all adults sleep poorly


of employees are tired during their work


are the costs for a good bed – according to surveys

More than just an App

The first products of their kind. The modular design allows them to be perfectly adapted to you.

aiLigner Adjustable Pillow

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The aiLigner Adjustable Pillow allows everyone to adjust it to their personal needs. Its modular design allows individual elements to be removed, ensuring the perfect height for every body type and sleep pattern.

aiLigner Pad

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The aiLigner PAD is designed to help everyone optimise their sleep ergonomics in a simple and affordable way. Supports the natural posture of the cervical spine and also prevents hip & lower back pain. Suitable for all body types.

Optimize your sleep in a few simple steps

Our AI-based technology recognises within seconds which body type you are and what you need to pay attention to with your pillow and mattress. Based on your sleeping posture, you receive individual tips for improvement.

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Determine body and posture type

Measure and analyse your posture and determine the needs.

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Analyse your posture and determine the needs

Determine the deviations from the ideal position.

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Receive analysis results based on AI

Personalized action recommendations for ideal sleeping position.

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An innovation that inspires everyone

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  • Guide intuitively step by step through the app

  • Individual and personal recommendations for taking action

  • A real world first. Bed consultation for the home.

Support us on Kickstarter

As if an app like ours wasn't exciting enough.

We realised that although our app could identify the causes of sleep problems, it couldn't solve them on its own. That's why we have developed two products that are also absolutely unique.

In order to be able to produce them in series, we need your help.

Support our Kickstarter campaign and receive our AiLigner Pad and Adjustable Pillow as a backer at a fabulously low price.

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Häufige Fragen zu aiLigner

aiLigner is and will stay free of charge with its core function for you.

We are following our mission to give everyone the opportunity to sleep better.

Your data and inputs are safe with us. We do not store any data abroad and do not pass it on to unauthorised third parties.

We only use our AI to further improve our app and to better measure body types.

We at Third of Life GmbH are behind the aiLigner brand.

We are a long-standing established partner for sleep-optimised products.

Our products for the pillows depend on whether we are successful with our Kickstarter project. For us, the production is a big risk and therefore we also hope for your support for a better sleeping experience

The team behind aiLigner

The roots of the idea. Our team combines competencies for an outstanding product.

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Dr. Hanno Deyle

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Frieder Kuhn

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Joachim Jans
Head of Product

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Markus Kamps

Foto von Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales

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